No-Code App Builder & AI in a single platform.

Your application created in 7 days* providing a cost saving up to 90%, scalable at your hand to bid farewell to the IT shadow and make the business hyper efficient.

2os by Fortia

*Average time reported by 2OS users

They put their trust in us

They put their trust in us

2OS App Builder: Create High Impact applications effortlessly in only a few days

No-code allows you to create efficient applications no matter how complex your needs are. Automate processes of your company with relevant workflows. 

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2OS gives you access to strong AI algorithms

Plug & play algorithms for your Data processes, all that in total no-code. With 2OS AI Structured and Unstructured Data, all stages of the AI algorithm lifecycle are managed with unparalleled ease. Our AI algorithms Library is large and it can meet the needs of any industry.

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INNOVA: Compliance management & funds process automation

Solution to modernize operations using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, business process monitoring, business activity monitoring, and a powerful calculation engine. 

Reduce your cost up to 90%

The no-code has the advantage of being accessible and adaptable to any need. Development time is divided by 10 and costs are strongly reduced.

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What makes 2OS unique?

Cost Savings: Up to 90%

2OS no-code platform allows to build efficient App while reducing costs significantly

Build an app 10 times faster

With the 2OS Deep No-Code technology, average time to market is only 7 days

Full No-Code: even for AI

2OS is the only solution allowing to embed AI in no-code with a drag & drop logic

Security: 100% Certified

The IT infrastructure of 2OS has been certified 100% secure by SECURVIEW