2OS –


Advanced no code & AI platform for High Impact Applications

Create powerful-impact software to solve your most complex business Challenges. No Code and AI to go much further !

2OS is a multi-award winning no-code & AI automation solution

Why Choose 2OS?


Solves the most complex business & IT challenges

50X Faster

Creates application up to 50 times faster

Cost savings

Up to 90% for the creation of an application


Powerful & Proprietary Algorithms

Advanced Data Management

Complete Data Management capabilities

IT security

Total protection & prevention

Completely autonomous

Even with AI training

Full cloud based

No-code App Builder

2OS APP Builder:No code for high-impact applications

APP Builder : No code for high-impact applications

With 2OS APP Builder, create high-performance applications no matter how complex your needs are…. Always in no code

2OS APP Builder is a universe of extremely powerful features that pushes all the limits of no code in an unparalleled way. Deep Data Management, Deep Automation, Powerful Computational Engines, Automatic Generation of APIs, high granularity of rights management… are just some of the possibilities that are available and always…. in no-code
AI Builder : Advanced Artificial Intelligence platform in 100% no code

With 2OS AI Builder, Create your own AI algorithms and have full control over their lifecycle in total no-code

With 2OS AI Builder, all stages of the AI algorithm lifecycle are managed with unparalleled ease: Data Integration and Preparation, Pre-annotation, Training, Testing, Large scale deployment, Audit & much more in total no code.
Doc Reader or Robot that reads, interprets and extracts data from your PDF documents, Doc Writer or Robot that writes your texts, TSA to identify deviations from normal behavior in time series data … and many other AI solutions to discover urgently.

No-code Ai Builder
No-code API Management
API Management

Full interoperability and compatibility with your information system and openness to the world

2OS API management allows you to connect your application to your own information system and the digital world in a way you never thought possible. Depending on your needs, APIs are generated automatically and dynamically. An unprecedented digital project accelerator pedal.

API Core Capabilities

Automatic generation

of your API’s for every application and Datatset created in 2OS

Ability to securely expose your data

For reading, inseting, uploading your records

Full Interraction

Ability to provide visual documentation and interact with the API via userfriendly interface

Permission management & access restriction

Every single operation exposed by the API

, a synthesis of Agility, Efficiency and Intelligence

Agile Data Management

Create a dynamic data model with your files or form a blank page in just a few clicks. Automate your data integration and create your viewing screens.

Flexible & powerful UI

Create all your screens and dashboards dynamically with an interactive drag and drop interface using the power of 2OS screen builder.

Boost your application

Boost your application using powerful features such as Workflow, Analytics, Reporting, Product Life Monitoring or Augmented BPM.

Digitalize ad infinitum with AI

Access a universe of rich and interactive AI algorithms adapting to your specific needs and digitalize all your business processes.