Sophia Mouhoub

8 juillet 2019

It’s time to enter a New Generation of Investment Restrictions System

Time to discover Innova Software :
The Revolutionary AI powered solution for Investment Restrictions Monitoring

At Fortia, we are convinced that new technologies such as AI, collaborative intelligence and automatic data processing will be key for tomorrow’s competitiveness.
We have used these technologies to design, Innova Software, one of the best AI solutions dedicated to automating and monitoring fund investment restrictions.

Investment restriction

Three reasons to choose Innova Software

1. Innova means looking to the future

With Innova, tomorrow’s technology is within your reach, don’t let it go away !
Our proprietary algorithms automatically process your data to extract all investment rules that are transformed into machine-readable language.
Our latest-generation calculation engine allows you to configure, without any assistance and without any computer development, all ratios, even the most complex ones.

2. Innova means choosing a solution that is easy to configure

Innova is a low-code solution that allows you to modelize new operational processes, new investment rules and new reporting independently.

3. Innova means switching to a cost saving solution focused on improving your internal processes

Innova will not only enable you to control the risks of non-compliance of your funds but also to make your teams work much more efficiently.
With Innova, no more IT development for any evolution & no more exorbitant consulting costs for each configuration.

What our clients said about us

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About Fortia

Fortia is a software company specialized in the smart application of artificial intelligence to compliance management, data processing and complex business process automation. With more than 100 associates, including 16 data scientists, Fortia uses disruptive technologies to become a trendsetter, helping clients to meet strategic challenges and boost their competitiveness.

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