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Lucille Crombez

12 mai 2021

Natural Language Processing: Why is it Useful ?

When using Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant or even spell checkers, a basic question crosses our minds: how does it work? Well, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the answer. NLP is a crucial part of artificial intelligence that many people do not know about. So, what is it and why is it important?

Natural Language Processing: what is it?

NLP consists of teaching machines and computers to detect and comprehend the human language. It is essentially based on the analysis and interpretation of words and sentences that humans say on a daily basis. NLP thus relies significantly on the understanding of linguistics. As the graph below shows, the ultimate goal is to create a response in a human-like format (thanks to Machine Learning), hence Siri and Google Assistant are able to communicate with us.

(Source: Bold360)

What are the advantages of Natural Language Processing ?

Lower costs

NLP enables businesses to spend less time replying to customers as it automatises the response processes. Thus, it enables the company to have fewer employees working on customer services since NLP is formatted to give the appropriate answers and assistance they need. In turn, this means that employees can focus and be more productive on other tasks where human intervention is absolutely essential.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is a crucial element of NLP as it enables machines and computers to understand human feelings. It is incredibly useful to determine whether the customer is satisfied with the service given or not so as to improve their experience. Equally, NLP and sentiment analysis serve marketing purposes as it is an indication of what interests the customer. By paying attention to his behaviour on websites and social media it can eventually suggest adverts that match his taste. 

What can Natural Language Processing do ?

(Source: Grace Soft Solutions)

Better structure

Us humans often create Word documents, write emails, voice messages, etc. This can be particularly tricky for computers to analyse and interpret. That is when NLP comes in handy as it gives machines the necessary tools to classify those documents and to read and comprehend them. NLP applications can also be used effectively to analyse your CVs and is thus helpful for businesses as it automatically classifies them based on the company’s expectations.

Minimises errors

Using NLP prevents employees from doing the draining work of reading and analysing long data surveys and thus minimises the probability of them making mistakes. It also enables employees to focus on more interesting tasks.

Eases the communication between employees and customers

NLP can be used through chatbots which are formatted to respond to the customers demands automatically. This is what you usually come across when visiting various websites and it offers you different options to choose from to express your request. 

Natural Language Processing used by 2OS

The 2OS no-code application uses NLP and artificial intelligence through machine learning to develop powerful and proprietary algorithms. To learn more about machine learning and deep learning, you can read this article. The 2OS platform provides you algorithms with which you can analyse your documents and data so as to extract useful information with strong value-added (DocReader). You can also measure the market yields of your brands and products (Sentiment Analysis), and learn how to better communicate with your customers (Know Your Customer/Name Screening). 

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