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2OS AI Builder  

Deliver business insights with state-of the-art Artificial Intelligence without coding

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Quickly and autonomously create your own AI algorithms all in no code

Transform your data into productive decisions

Access the world of secure hyperautomation

DocReader, a reading Artificial Intelligence that turns your PDF document into gold data

DocReader AI solution automates the process of information extraction from pdf documents by leveraging recent advances in natural language processing and machine learning to build a state-of-the-art neural network models that are able to process pdfs in order to identify all the relevant information that they contain.

DocWriter, a writing AI that writes all your texts, no matter how complex they are.

DocWriter enables the automatic generation of texts for all types of documents such as reports, invoices, contracts, etc., in a wide range of industries, including finance, law, sports, marketing, retail and more.

Text Processing, enhance your existing AI with advanced text processing

The 2OS text processing bundle offers you ways of improving your existing 2OS applications by introducing 5 main features: Table detection, Document structure parser, Layout segmentation, TOC extraction and Lexical field generation.

Graph TSA

Time Series Analysis (TSA), Boost your business systems’ reliability with early problem detection

The TSA module is an automated and real time anomaly detection system that uses statistics and machine learning to identify deviations from normal behavior in time series data .

Identity Matching, Reduce the falls positive by 98%

Identity Matching can be used to automatically check a potential customer’s name and personal information against a sanction list. It allows the user to speed up the customer onboarding process and set up a more effective vetting procedure that protects a financial institution from exposure to potentially costly compliance risks.

Annotation Tool, create your own customized Artificial Intelligence model based on your specific data & needs

Our first goal with 2OS is to give to the users the ability to use, discover, prepare and create their own application and also to help non-experts users to be more involved in technical details. 2OS will make Artificial Intelligence directly and easily accessible to non-experts, saving time and resources as well as opening you up to an endless number of possibilities.