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2OS timeline

About us Establishment
Research & Developpement

Created in 2012, 2OS has from the outset chosen the path of R&D in Software Engineering and AI

About us Reach
First client signed

After three years of research, development and algorithms training, 2OS signed its first client and has shown the value-added of its product

About us Developement
BNP Innovation Lab

2OS was selected as part of the BNP Paribas Innovation Lab to accelerate the development and launch of the solution

About us Recognition
Challenge Magazine

2OS was listed among the 100 startups to invest in by Challenge Magazine

About us Expertise
RegTech top 100 list

2OS has filed six patents and was for the first year in the top 100 of the most innovative Regtech companies worldwide

About us Scale-up
Most Innovative RegTech

Fortia is named for the second year in the Regtech top 100 list. Fortia is set to deliver new cutting-edge AI solutions


Fortia Financial Solutions timeline

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We are setting companies ready for the future

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Paris, 2OS offers best-in-class innovative solutions for companies in search of technological excellence.

After three years of intensive R&D, 2OS has built an end-to-end intelligent platform now allowing thousands of users to automate operational processes and keep pace with regulations.

Led by a team of IT and Finance driven-experts, 2OS understands the needs of its clients, knows how to identify their issues and solve their challenges.

2OS has since positioned itself as a key Innovative company leader in Europe and is recognized for the innovation and excellence of its products. The solutions harness three key areas: Artificial Intelligence, no-code, and deep Automation.

Innovation is our DNA

2OS has a real innovation strategy focusing on the development of its know-how and capabilities in the fields of Artificial Intelligence & no-code.

2OS uses its in-house built proprietary algorithms to achieve tailored automation processes, lower considerably operational costs and add efficiency for its clients. The innovation DNA is helping us solving complex business cases for all companies no matter what their needs or their business sector are.

We like to turn highly complicated algorithms into usable, efficient and auditable models.

With six patents filed, 2OS has delivered powerful and scalable solutions to top tier companies resulting in a strong market recognition. The high innovation potential demonstrated in our Research and Development Laboratory is what makes us true innovators, not fast followers!

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Complexity is not a limit

Our experience working with our clients revealed that multiple Excel-based spreadsheets and disparate systems have a cost for business. It escalates overtime and drives down efficiency and performance.

With 2OS Platform, we are using cutting-edge technologies that will transform the way you manage your Digital transformation. We pair technical skills from highly skilled data scientists with the financial expertise and knowledge gained from the clients. Our state-of-the-art AI solutions & no-code Ingineering are empowering clients for costs reduction and business excellence.

Today, we are continuously developing our solutions using Artificial Intelligence & no-code ingineering to ensure competitiveness for our clients. By addressing complex issues of our clients, we have helped them shape new processes, new businesses & new opportunities. We make sure clients take all the challenges with the right solutions.



We are dedicated to deliver value for end users and significantly improve their daily processes


We are focused on solving complex business problems by delivering robust solutions


We reinvest 50% of revenues in R&D and strive for excellence & quality in our technologies


The founders of the company share a unique business and technical knowledge with the teams and clients. They provide invaluable expertise and determination to build the solutions of the future!

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CEO & Co-founder

Réda Bouakel

Réda has founded Fortia Financial Solutions in 2012 and serves as its chairman.
Réda was previously the French subsidiary Managing Director in a US software company and also an EMEA Sales Director of a European software publishing company.

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Product Director & Co-founder

Miroslav Petrov

Miroslav Petrov has worked as a compliance technology expert and business analyst in the fund management industry.

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Project Director & Co-founder

Julien Henry

Julien has more than 10 years of expertise in software integration in the banking and financial industry. He has an engineering degree in IT, banking and finance and currently holds the position of professional services director.