AI Email Identifier

No-Code AI solution to automatically sort emails and forward them to the right person / service.

Nowadays, companies receive tons of emails every day. Most of these messages come from customers. It is the new way to communicate, and it is much easier for clients. On the other hand, it can be tedious for companies. 2OS offers a solution to this problem: in the following paragraph we will see an example of a business application realized with 2OS for our client, a leader in the Insurance Industry. 

Our customer receives a large amount of email per day. In order to be efficient, all these messages must be sorted according to the services they addressed to. Sometimes, this could lead to errors and customers can get the wrong service. Due to the amount of messages received, it is difficult for a human to process all the requests and redirect emails to the right department. It takes a lot of time for the employee in charge and sometimes clients can be disappointed if they don’t get a quick and appropriate answer. 

The 2OS’s deep no-code platform uses AI to solve this problem. By using our AI solution, our customer has the opportunity to save time while gaining efficiency. 

The 2OS application uses AI and deep learning to automatically go through the messages and dig to find the key information. With the AI solution combined with our app builder, emails are sorted faster with a greater accuracy. This process releases workforce and spare time, allowing our client to have a better customer service.  

Thanks to the Deep No-code of 2OS, this solution is easy and fast to set up for companies from any other sector.

Key Benefits

  • Adaptability: Thanks to AI the Email identifier can extract any type of information from emails
  • Ease to Use: Thanks to the no-code platform, this app does not require any knowledge in code or deep learning
  • Time Saver : The Email Identifier prevents workforce to spend time reading, analyzing and sorting emails to the right service.
  • State of the Art: 2OS is pioneer in combining deep no-code, deep learning and natural language processing
  • Customizable: It is up to the 2OS deep no-code platform user to design and determine his own rules and training set. The Email Identifier is flexible regarding the information to extract.
  • Quick Set Up: No-code allows setting up the application quickly.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customer experience is improved by shorter delay for their requests.
  • Reduce Error Risk: Accuracy of the Email Identifier is close to 100%. Human do more mistakes when they do repetitive tasks.
  • Avoid Administration Burden: 2OS application transfer automatically all messages to the right receiver.
  • Improve Organization: Email Identifier improves organization of companies by reducing number of steps for transmission of information.

Key Features


Redistribute email to the right person/inbox thanks to automation and AI algorithms

Release time

Save time to your work force with the automatic email sorter.


Locate the important information of email to define where it should be redirected or sorted.

2OS: Pioneer of Deep No-Code Solutions

No-code solutions are the new way to build efficient business software without writing any line of code. The advantage of a No-code platform as 2OS is the short delay for the creation of any software application. Indeed, development of software can be long and tedious. On top of that, cost of a such project is high. 2OS platform aims to avoid all these problems, with the 2OS no-code platform, you will be able to create complex software in just a few days. 2OS is pioneer in no-code platform that can include AI for the building of software, our technology regroup lots of components working together in a deep no-code platform. This harmony assures to answer all enterprise-grade challenge while reducing cost by up to 90%.

2OS is able to meet needs and solve issues of all industry (Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Law, Accounting…) with an unprecedented efficiency. Our deep co-code AI platform is a concentrate of technology combining Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and analysis tools, Automation of robotic processes, Integration and Interoperability in the Cloud… etc, managed exclusively in the no-code universe.  

2OS : The perfect No-code Application platform for business needs

The 2OS solution has been designed to perfectly match professional environment requirements. The technology behind 2OS is able to deal with most complex business issues.  Our aim is to give our users the possibility to model business processes and operating scenarios of the software easily and without any line of code. 

To do this, we have used Advanced Business Process Modeling technologies that allow us to design and automate any type of process, organizational or operational scenario.

With this technology, the limit is only that of imagination. With 2OS, creativity becomes the partner of technology.

Customers satisfaction first

Trust and satisfaction of our clients made us successful and guides all our actions. We are always listening, our technology is not an end in itself but a means to ensure that our clients’ needs are met and that the success of their projects is an everyday reality.

Innovation is our strategy

2OS invests 60% of its revenues in innovation. Our R&D pole is led by the best specialists in software engineering and artificial intelligence. 2OS has filed several patents and is recognized by Grant Thornton as one of the most innovative companies in the world.

2OS : a total IT security

The 2OS platform is accessible on a Cloud platform, ensuring total protection of your data, applications and infrastructures. The IT infrastructure has been certified 100% secure by SECURVIEW

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