AI for Structured Data

Data Reconciliation


How could our Data Reconciliation app help you become more productive?

When you have a quantity of data coming up regularly, you need to find a solution on how to merge them. That means that you will frequently find yourself having to manually do that, a task that is obviously draining in the long run. 

Here’s how our app is going to help. It essentially automates this merging of data and ‘reconciles’ the existing data with the new one. Unlike our Name Screening app, which is fairly similar, Data Reconciliation deals with every single field.


  • Proposal of key attributes for the reconciliation based on similarity scores
  • Automated workflows provide you insights on non-reconciled data
  • Provide reconciliation options for one or multiple records


  • Adaptability: The product can be used with a variety of documents, regardless of the field. 
  • Ease of use: It can be used for various needs and no strong tech knowledge is required.
  • Low processing time: The process is optimized to be fast and efficient.
  • No need for configuration or workflow designed in Studio. This solution is directly integrated in the ETL function of the Studio.