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Energies & utilities

The energy and public housing industries are evolving rapidly, global climate change influences the way we consume and produce energy, making balancing the grid and predicting the quantity of energy needed and used harder. 

The current energetic situation calls for a massive change, and with this change comes opportunities.

The digital transformation’s world is also changing the way companies generate value, welcome customers, manage costs or optimize processes.

In order to reduce uncertainty and human error to a minimum, energy companies have to turn to efficient solutions. Furthermore, there is a need to identify new trends to become more durable and more competitive.

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of consumers would like their energy supplier to personalize their customer area.

According to Accenture, 94% of consumers would like their energy supplier to personalize their customer area. 

Today’s companies use several  applications to perform different tasks, changing the way to work on a daily basis. In order to improve the decision-making chain, be less time consuming and  more efficient, and to have better customer relations, energy companies are now using AI solutions like 2OS platform.


Key Points

Business process management

Build your application to match your own process specificities, regarding your activities and needs.

Predict equipment failure

With 2OS solution, you can schedule preventative maintenance or expedite repairs as needed : improve your fault predictio, enhance investment optimization or increase your energy efficiency.

Data integration

Connect with multiple data providing system through 2OS ETL feature.

Improve your Productivity

Focus on your activity and not on any application development. 2OS will provide you in house build solution.