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In 2012, the time spent on mobile engaging with the media was 1.6 hours a day. In 2018, that number had more than doubled to

hours a day

Personalization is rapidly becoming the cornerstone in the media and entertainment industry. It’s not about optimizing one customer experience for all customers anymore, but a personalized experience for each. It implies knowing your customers, what motivates and interests them . You have to know how they consume media and entertainment.
Staying nimble and flexible is now a priority to help you build your website to be more agile and customized to each customer, and to find out in how many other ways you can personalize the customer experience to craft compelling, intuitive and shareable media experiences.

Key Points

Real-time Inventory

Ensure that your inventory can survive seasonal peaks, maintain data consistency, and deliver instant results with our real time analysis

Customer habits KPIs

Efficiently measure your Customer Value such as Cross-Selling Rate or Life Cycle Distribution Status.

Online reputation

Thanks to our 2OS Sentiment analysis, analyze your online reputation on social media.

Entertainment catalog

Create and manage your own entertainment catalog (movies, songs…) for your website