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Government & Public administration

Application design and development are no longer reserved for web developers. For public sector actors still using old IT systems, it can be difficult to simplify user management procedures. Replacing the entire existing infrastructure takes a lot of time and money, and there is always a need to find tools delivering the digital innovations expected by modern users. According to,

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of public-sector data is born digital

With no-code solutions such as 2OS, you can analyze any data, optimize processes’ performance, create chatbots to directly interact with web users on the site, improve teamwork and eliminate time-consuming decision-making steps. Modernize your organization, your work environment and transform the web user experience.

Key Points

Document management

Solve your document centralization issue with 2OS App builder.

Extract key informations from documents

Thanks to 2OS DocReader, extract any informations you need from any documents in your system.

Improve your work organization

Make your teams work together and stay organized with a central file database. Our 2OS Solution let you consolidate tthem all in one place.

Dashboard management

Create and manage your own KPIs in order to follow any subventions or public help demand.