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Due to an increasing number of smartphone users, mobile applications are the new main demand in the healthcare sector. It is now easy for people to adapt to mobile technology and find convenient healthcare options when they are sick. As a result, healthcare actors are looking for no-code applications to reduce the time it takes to bring new drugs or medical devices on the market. According to Accenture, the Symphony Post-Acute Network incorporated AI and machine learning to improve care for its


using a cloud-based AI engine to drive predictions and recommendations based on its existing patient data. The resulting insights led to a drop in readmission rates from

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The development process for healthcare applications is an important step in the IT infrastructure and is dependent on the number of applications to be developed, their usage, and the number of development processes that can be managed internally.
With our no code platforms, it has become easier to develop apps in less time.

Key Points

Health Information Systems

Manage your digital forms and workflows to digitize your process and data management.

Automatic document reading

Thanks to Docreader algorithms extract any information from all kinds of standard document .

Patient tracking

Follow up your patient data through custom data modeling and reduce lost data.

Members management

With 2OS, create a dedicate platform for clinical personnel management, from credentialing and licensure management to on-boarding and retaining the best talent.