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Insurance companies have to face a new challenge, customers are more connected than ever. They can quickly find any information they want online and you have to be competitive and original. With 2OS solution, offering the right policy at the right moment in real time becomes possible for every customer you have.

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of insurance company clients are willing to interact through chatbots

According to Accenture, 74% of insurance company clients are willing to interact through chatbots for help services. With 2OS, insurance companies can use AI to personalize their customer service and maximize the business efficiency. Thanks to 2OS AI Builder, request from clients will always be answered, no matter which time or day of the week.

Manual data collection and data entry in insurance companies are complex tasks and can lead to inconsistencies and errors in data management. With 2OS solution, automated document processing and the extraction of information from claim forms can significantly reduce average processing times. AI in insurance will increase customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of errors.

Key Points

Fraud detection system

Thanks to 2OS, you’ll be able to automatically detect any irregularities in your client database.

Risk assessment

Automatic calculation and analysis in 2OS will allow you to create your own risk model system.

Claims prediction

Improve pricing models with our times series analysis algorithm.

Insurance contract analysis

Automatic information extraction from insurance contract through our DocReader algorithm.