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A proper digital transformation is the main challenge and unavoidable objective for traditional banks. Without this transformation, these banks will end up dropping out.

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Of Generation Z consumers would consider choosing a neobank

According to Accenture, 31% of consumers would consider choosing a neobank or a technology giant such as Amazon, Google or Facebook. This statement rises up to 41% among Generation Z consumers.

One of the greatest challenge for banks will then be their ability to collect and process customer data properly. This data represents a considerable strategic and commercial asset. Unfortunately, it is stored in many poorly organized and poorly connected repositories. 

Identity Matching will be a faster and more reliable way to check on new customers. Artificial Intelligence will also be an invaluable asset to increase customer satisfaction and develop superior client services.

To avoid this situation, 2OS solution can help solving problems by the creation of a unique and dynamic data model. Banks will be able to access a real-time data governance and quality analysis.

Key Points

Real-time data governance

Keep track of your data thanks to versioning and data lineage.

Fraud detection system

Automatically check any fake informations impacting your system with Name Screening algorithms. 2OS helps prevent fraudulent attempts by reducing false positives by 98%.

Detailed reporting

Build your own dashboards to efficiently understand your data and get the most of it.

Customer interaction improvement

Design customize interfaces in order to match your clients needs. With 2OS Drag and Drop design approach, focus on your customer relation and not technical issues.