App Builder

Business Rule Management


Setup all the rules that govern the structure and behavior of the different objects manipulated within your generated application.
In the definition screen of a fund in the Asset Management Industry, you can see a list of the sub-funds associated with it.
It is not possible to save a form if the IBAN field is not in the correct format.
The « License fee » field is only displayed if the « Pay per license » field is checked.
The amount including all taxes of the price of a good is equal to the amount excluding taxes multiplied by the rate of taxes applied to it.
A fund may not invest more than 10% of its total assets in activities directly related to the exploitation of mining resources.

All 3 types of Business rule type management :

  • Action Insertion (If…. Then)
  • Structural Assertion
  • Derivation


  • Definition of “Atomic” rules
  • Rules for validating data entry within a form (by clicking on the « Save » button)
  • Validation of data when importing via APIs
  • Catalog of business rules by entities
  • Definition of regular expressions for a field
  • Creation of a business rule via an intuitive interface
  • Creation through a simplified mode or advanced mode
  • Simulation of the rules while they are being edited


  • Ability to manage complex types of business rules
  • Multiple environments for creating, testing, and deploying business rules with no code 
  • Capability to rapidly integrate with data that would be used to execute the business rule
  • Open with APIs and standards
  • Governance, Security, Audit and Cloud ready

Key points

  • Action insertion
  • Structural assertion
  • Derivation