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Case Management


Machine Learning, by repeated exposure to data and actions, can improve the possibilities of Case Management Systems.

2OS allows to streamline and pilot the case management process by taking into consideration information, decision and validation processes, stakeholders, versioning, auditing and traceability and a wide range of other functionalities to manage the case management end to end.


  • Automate the classification and distribution of content
  • Retrieve content from masses of documents and implement updates and/or section replacements in just a few clicks
  • Retrieve relevant information via AI
  • Model workflows for the automatic use of documents in business processes
  • Analyze metadata from all documents with the power of 2OS AI
  • Ensure the versioning of all documents and the traceability of modifications
  • Real-time information flow


  • Reduction of errors and document management costs
  • Digitalization of the entire document management process
  • Immediate access to information regardless of the complexity of the documents.
  • Centralization of information management
  • Collaborative document management
  • Strong limitation of risks and non-compliance
  • Real-time information flow

Key points

  • Document capture
  • Follow up
  • API
  • Document library