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Case Management


2OS allows to streamline and pilot the case management process by taking into consideration information, decision and validation processes, stakeholders, versioning, auditing and traceability and a wide range of other functionalities to manage the case management end to end.


– Automate the classification and distribution of content

– Retrieve content from masses of documents and implement updates and/or section replacements in just a few clicks

– Retrieve relevant information via AI

– Model workflows for the automatic use of documents in business processes

– Analyze metadata from all documents with the power of 2OS AI

– Ensure the versioning of all documents and the traceability of modifications

– Real-time information flowReal-time information flow


  • Reduction of errors and document management costs
  • Digitalization of the entire document management process
  • Immediate access to information regardless of the complexity of the documents.
  • Centralization of information management
  • Collaborative document management
  • Strong limitation of risks and non-compliance
  • Real-time information flow

Key points

  • Document capture
  • Follow up
  • API
  • Document library