Customer life cycle optimization

Controlling and optimizing
the customer life cycle

Mastering the customer life cycle is a driving force in any onboarding, tracking and loyalty strategy. As well as in the targeting of your customers’ offers.

A centralized and unified customer profile and personalization software to accompany the customer in his whole journey is critical across a multitude of use cases. AI can predict when customers are about to become inactive or make a purchase in real time.

Thanks to 2OS, the digitalization of this life cycle is possible. The client’s onboarding is ensured by screening and profiling algorithms, ensuring fraud prevention and complete understanding of your clients, a valuable aid in making commercial decisions.

Digitalizing your customers’ life cycle with 2OS

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of false positive reduction

Changing situations

Adapt your offer to your customer


Your customer lifecycle from A to Z

2OS Solution

A customer’s situation can vary over time and this evolution must be taken into account in the commercial approach. The 2OS solution allows a dynamic follow-up by taking into account any new professional, patrimonial or family factors of your customers.

KYC with 2OS is fraud protection with real-time and continuous knowledge of your customer.