App Builder

Dashboard management


Customise your own Dashboard: With dashboards, one size doesn’t fit all. Different users want to see different data. Or, they may want to see the same data, but organised differently.


  • Drag & Drop widgets to create your Dashboard
  • Presentation of your data in graphs, tables, lists…
  • Organization of your data in unlimited tree structure
  • Parameterization of all types of criteria by the user’s hand
  • Data visualization with free-form granularity


  • It turns complex data into a clear vision: In all organizations, data is increasingly complex and growing in volume. This data also comes from more and more sources and is constantly changing. It becomes important to make it easier to understand and present it in a simple, organized and interactive way to derive value from it.
  • Logical presentation: Data is presented according to a business logic specific to your activity and organization. This logic can be based on any criteria: production, cost, customer, supplier, deadlines… 
  • A dashboard gives you a high-level view of your data. But, it should let you drill down into more information if needed.
  • Easily share dashboards with other users via email.

Key points

  • Drill down
  • Logical presentation
  • Export view
  • Always in no code