Data governance automation

Automation of repository management & data governance

Connecting data to sources, implementing data quality, inferring business rules :
Many of the core elements of data management can be automated.

The features of 2OS allow you to create your own tables and repositories in just a few clicks. You can enrich your data model without any development. A few simple clicks are enough to create a table or enrich an existing one. The links between tables are also dynamic, allowing you to create all possible scenarios and views of your data without any restrictions.

Your Data Management by 2OS

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Less time to manage data

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Your data management by 2OS

Integrating data into your 2OS repository is easy. A simple but powerful ETL allows you to model a scenario of integration as well as transform and map your data. Management rules will ensure that data quality is respected.

You also have the option of manually enriching your data in order to create a customized business-oriented form.

2OS is equipped with highly advanced capabilities such as versioning, archiving, substitution, governance, lineage and exporting that will complete the functional scope of your future tailor-made Data Management solution.