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2OS Data Modeling allows you to create a physical data model from a high-level conceptual model without any lines of code. Data modeling in 2OS allows you to identify entity types, classes, attributes. Joining capabilities allow you to build associations between entities, similar to associations between classes – relationships, inheritance, composition and aggregation are all concepts that can be applied in data modeling.
Users can create data models using a simple drag-and-drop interface that automatically creates joins between different data sources.


• Build your own data model to adapt to any business case.
• You can define the following components directly within the Studio.
• Entities: a table with unique keys (e.g.: Country entity or Currency entity).
• Attributes: columns in a database table (e.g. the name of a country or the name of a currency).
• Associations: a table with the two unique identifiers joined between tables (e.g. an association of 1 country and 1 currency).


  • Optimal data structuring
  • Improved data quality.
  • Dynamic and optimized data visualization
  • Better performance.
  • Business intelligence. …
  • Simplified data integration and mapping

Key points

  • Specific data model
  • Attributes
  • Associations
  • Always in no code