App Builder



The process manager of 2OS allows automation of a tasks and processes of the application you want to build without any code.

Just drag and drop standard actions to configure the processes needed. Preconfigured tasks are available: emailing, data updates with calculations, trigger data integration, notifications to users and many more.

Processes can be launched from many areas throughout the application such as user actions and system actions.

Build prototypes fast to iterate and adjust them to your proper needs.


– A process drawing tool with a Drag & Drop system
– Precise management of user rights
– Advanced administration features on the application
– Integration with other information systems (e.g. software, machine, database)
– Generation of statistical reports
– Creation of performance indicators


  • Ensure optimal data quality
  • Assist in decision making
  • Ensure optimal data governance
  • Ensure optimal analytical processes
  • Improve process efficiency

Key points

  • Data load
  • Case Management
  • Custom calculations