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Deployment management


The goal of 2OS Deployment management is to provide the required new functionality while protecting the integrity of existing services & Data.

The deployment process of complex applications, including impact analysis, is automatically managed by 2OS. No need to have a specialized skill set like script experts.

2OS offers a versioning system which allows users to easily identify an app and deploy it.

You can easily rollback if needed. All these processes are governed by user rights modules.

Impact analysis: 2OS blocks the deployment from moving forward until dependencies are resolved. The user will be able to make decisions based on feedback provided by 2OS.


  • Automatic testing
  • Automatic deployment
  • Release management
  • Versioning
  • Configuration  management


  • Make changes and improvements automatically, faster and at optimal cost while minimizing risk.
  • Securing deployment, existing settings and data
  • Automated testing for cost savings and speed of deployment
  • Ensure that customers and users can use the new or modified service in a manner that supports business objectives.
  • Improve the consistency of the approach to implementing change across the company, service teams, suppliers and customers
  • Contribute to meeting verifiable traceability requirements through service transition.
  • A well-planned and implemented release and deployment will make a significant difference in an organization’s service costs.

Key points

  • Deployment 
  • Automatization
  • Release management
  • Always in no code