Fund Writer

No-Code AI solution to generate automatically complex documents as KIIDs or Prospectus. Write well-formed natural language documents in a few minutes.

Fund managers have time-consuming obligations, redaction of complex documents is one of the most time-consuming. Once they find the information they need and the results they want, they have to draft documents as KIIDs and Prospectuses. Meanwhile, fund managers can’t dedicate their time on their real value. According to our clients, the consequences of manually writing all of these lengthy documents increases their cost, and the companies noticed a loss of efficiency in their workforce.

Our technology, powered by AI algorithms, has enabled us to provide a solution to our customers in fund management industry. 2OS has developed a business application capable of automatically generating KIIDs and Prospectuses from structured data. The documents written by our module are in well-formed natural language. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the risk of error is nearly non-existent. Furthermore, Generating KIIDs or prospectus is faster than a human could do. A task that normally takes hours is now only a matter of minutes. 

Customers who have used this AI business application have saved a significant amount of time. This has allowed them to better focus on other important assignments. Fund managers are becoming more efficient and companies have seen their business improve.  

Key Benefits

  • Seamless  integration  in  the  prospectus  management  process: The solution delivers Microsoft Word document, which can be used as any Word document by contributors. Word versioning and collaborative functions ensure full traceability of changes.
  • Cope with each jurisdiction’s regulatory requirements: Insert country-specific content in the prospectus.
  • Deliver high-quality prospectuses: Make sure what’s in the prospectus match your referential.
  • Operations efficiency: strongly reduce the time to market of the prospectus, in case of creation or modification. 
  • Cloud  infra  structure: Prospectus Writer does not require any deployment and does not change your environment. It is secure and accessible from any workstation.

Key Features

Data to Text

Automatically generate document in well-formed text from structured data. Word generated document.

Remain Compliant

Compliant with regulatory requirement. Consistency between referential and document

Alert on data modification:

Be alerted when a new prospectus must be produced following a Fund event.

2OS: Pioneer of Deep No-Code Solutions

No-code solutions are the new way to build efficient business software without writing any line of code. The advantage of a No-code platform as 2OS is the short delay for the creation of any software application. Indeed, development of software can be long and tedious. On top of that, cost of a such project is high. 2OS platform aims to avoid all these problems, with the 2OS no-code platform, you will be able to create complex software in just a few days. 2OS is pioneer in no-code platform that can include AI for the building of software, our technology regroup lots of components working together in a deep no-code platform. This harmony assures to answer all enterprise-grade challenge while reducing cost by up to 90%.

2OS is able to meet needs and solve issues of all industry (Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Law, Accounting…) with an unprecedented efficiency. Our deep co-code AI platform is a concentrate of technology combining Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and analysis tools, Automation of robotic processes, Integration and Interoperability in the Cloud… etc, managed exclusively in the no-code universe.  

2OS : The perfect No-code Application platform for business needs

The 2OS solution has been designed to perfectly match professional environment requirements. The technology behind 2OS is able to deal with most complex business issues.  Our aim is to give our users the possibility to model business processes and operating scenarios of the software easily and without any line of code. 

To do this, we have used Advanced Business Process Modeling technologies that allow us to design and automate any type of process, organizational or operational scenario.

With this technology, the limit is only that of imagination. With 2OS, creativity becomes the partner of technology.

Customers satisfaction first

Trust and satisfaction of our clients made us successful and guides all our actions. We are always listening, our technology is not an end in itself but a means to ensure that our clients’ needs are met and that the success of their projects is an everyday reality.

Innovation is our strategy

2OS invests 60% of its revenues in innovation. Our R&D pole is led by the best specialists in software engineering and artificial intelligence. 2OS has filed several patents and is recognized by Grant Thornton as one of the most innovative companies in the world.

2OS : a total IT security

The 2OS platform is accessible on a Cloud platform, ensuring total protection of your data, applications and infrastructures. The IT infrastructure has been certified 100% secure by SECURVIEW

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