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Product lifecycle management


“PLM” optimizes information sharing with external parties (e.g. custodians, regulators, lawyers) by sharing a 360° pipeline of events, articulated around a common list and nomenclature of funds lifecycle events recognised and shared across your organisation.

“PLM” organizes the link with the product referential, by clarifying its role and content.

The data quality firewall and data versioning module ensures that the most accurate data is available at any moment. In the case that a document needs to be generated or updated, we have machine learning algorithms available that automatically generate any document based on structured data.

The document is generated in Word format in order to easily integrate your operating model.


  • Standard librairies of events available for each type of product
  • Product referential : dynamic data model, versioning quality
  • Automated generation of draft prospectus
  • Advanced and transparent workflow
  • Tailor-made dashboards


  • Operation efficiency : strongly reduce the time to market of an event
  • Get a clearer view on who is doing what and when
  • Increase customer satisfaction with “zero default” products
  • Aggregates information from many actors

Key points

  • Client focus
  • Priorization
  • Risk Management
  • Time to market