Reports production automation

Reports production automation


With the DocWriter module of the 2OS platform, artificial intelligence is used to write the content of reports, contracts, flyers, technical notes and more for you. DocWriter not only formats your text, it produces the text itself.

How does it work? You fill in the characteristics of the expected text with a form and let the DocWriter AI take care of the rest. The result is a clear and perfectly grammatical text which meets all necessary requirements.

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Writing of all your texts provided by the IA 

2OS Solution

The AI Algorithms of 2OS automatically extract all the data you need from your invoices, contracts, purchase orders, delivery notes and other important documents which are then stored, archived and/or used in operational processes such as accounting.

The versioning of your documents is also ensured with a precise audit trail that details all actions and modifications. You can fix an automated sending schedule for your documents based on an event or a timeline thanks to the BPM features of 2OS.

With 2OS Document management, there is no more manual filing, document reading or manual versioning.

Everything is digitalized.